Teammates, Friends, and Family,

One of the sayings at Saraiva BJJ is “teammates become friends, and friends become family.”ย ย 

Diana started jiu jitsu some 5 plus years ago trying to find something she could belong to as she dealt with issues in her life that quite frankly had her in a bad spot both mentally and physically.ย  She became a student of DJโ€™s or โ€œProfessor DJโ€ as she would say, and quickly began to see the benefits BJJ provided to her whole life. Through some unforeseen circumstances on both sides of this equation, they leaned on each other for support which blossomed into a relationship and bond that will last a lifetime.

On Thursday, 02-20-2020, DJ and Diana will officially become family.ย  We will be hosting a wedding ceremony at the gym at 7pm, and yes, we will be wearing giโ€™s.ย  Blake Godbee, a pastor at 12 Stone Church and BJJ brown belt, will be officiating the ceremony.ย  Best man, Diego Saraiva and maid of honor, Nadia Carter will be standing next to DJ and Diana during the nuptials.

DJ and Diana would like to invite all of the Nova Uniao family to attend this event.ย  Ladies are asked to wear a white gi and the men wear a black gi. In lieu of a gi, please wear business casual attire.ย  Diana and DJ will have their first roll as a married couple following the nuptials and then we will have an open mat, or if you donโ€™t practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then please enjoy some cake and drinks and watch what we do for fun!

For additional information please see the wedding website atย 

Hope to see you there.

DJ and Diana