Want to get paid to train BJJ?  Let me tell you about our referral program here at Saraiva BJJ.  We are a family owned small business and our lifeblood is you, without you we could not keep the doors open.  We could spend thousands of dollars on marketing firms, place adds on social media, send out mailers, and advertise in local magazines but we would rather give that money to you instead.  Also, we recognize you have the best friends and we would love to meet them. Your commitment to the BJJ lifestyle and our Nova Uniao family is very important, so in recognition of your commitment to us we want to pay you to train with us.  Sound good?

Here is how it works.

  1. Invite a friend, co-worker, family member to join you in a class, or schedule a class that meets their busy lifestyle.
  2. We will let them attend classes for 2 weeks FREE, even provide them a loaner gi.
  3. When they love it as much as you and join, we give you a FREE month of training, and as a special benefit we will sell them a gi at half price.
  4. Invite as many people as you like, we love giving you FREE training.

Disclaimer:  There really isn’t one.  Just make sure your referral let’s us know you invited them, so that we can credit your account once they join.

Not a member yet?  Just sign up for your free trial, and you too can be getting paid to train. 🙂

Referral Program poster with Uncle Sam point at you and Saraivabjj logo