We are excited to announce that the first Diego Saraiva BJJ affiliate is under construction and expected to open mid-June!  

While we were all home quarantined, waiting eagerly to return to the norm of training, DJ Wegesin and Co were busy planning the next Dojo.  Some of you may remember when Diego taught at The Dojo in Crabapple prior to opening DSBJJ.  Well, that location is moving just up the road and is going to be much larger.  There will be approximately 1,700sf dedicated to just jiu jitsu which will be our first affiliate school.  With DJ leading the charge, there is little doubt it will be a natural addition to our team and family with the best instruction, instructors, and teammates.  They will be located at 10500 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 10502A, Roswell GA 30076.

The planned open date is June 15.  You can continue to follow the progress on The Dojo American Karate Centers Facebook page.  Given lingering concerns about large gatherings, a larger grand opening event will be planned for at a later date, but we’ll let you know when the academy is open so you can go check it out and welcome them to our Saraiva BJJ Family!