The safety and well-being of our BJJ family and community is our top priority.

We have been actively monitoring the situation with COVID-19, and over the last few days it has become clear that drastic measures are critical to slow the progression of the virus and help “flatten the curve” to eliminate exposure for as many people as possible.

As such, we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel all classes for this week, March 16-21.  We hope that we can reopen on Monday, March 23rd, but we will continue to closely monitor the status of the outbreak and make the decision by Sunday, March 22.

The number of cases has grown exponentially in many regions around the world.  While the data continues to show that 80% of people will only have minor symptoms, approximately 20% will require some form of hospitalization which presents a real problem for our health care system.  If we are to keep the numbers low and make sure those affected can be taken care of by a functioning health system, we all need to do our part, temporarily changing our daily routines to embrace social distancing. 

Now, more than ever, we need your trust and support in our work. The livelihood of our amazing staff depends on our ability to stick together, supporting each other during these tough times.

On behalf of myself, my family, the Nova Uniao Atlanta Staff, and every single member of this team, we ask for your continued support to help us weather this storm. We will measure no effort to make sure when this is all gone, you and your family still have a school to come back to. 

See you on the mats soon!

Diego Saraiva