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Read what students and Visitors have to say about Diego and Saraiva BJJ!


Fun classes and awesome guy. Diego is one of a kind. If you hear him yell odd nicknames at you don’t worry, means he likes you. Known him for the past 6 years and he wears his passion for jiu jitsu on his sleeve. Definitely recommend him.

Mark Davis San Pedro

Professor Diego is an amazing instructor, it’s an honor to train with him. If your in the Roswell area you should definitely come in for a class.

Chris Walker

Diego is by far one of the best coaches around. Glad to still call myself a student of his.

Jake Jo

Friendliest guy in BJJ!! His gym is going to be awesome.

James Beggs

Been training with Diego Saraiva for 8 years!! One of the best blackbelts in Atlanta!! I would definitely recommend him as a coach for Bjj to all of my friends!! Thank you Diego! Osss!!

Stas Kim

A decade into training and competition and i still learn something new every single time I train with Prof. Diego. He understands the game like no other.

Jeffery Boudreaux

Black belt

One of the most talented and best black belts in Atlanta.

Tulio Pinto

Great man great teacher great family glad he is apart of my daughter life.

Earl Windsor

One of the best guys and jits practitioners I’ve ever met. Fun coach that allows you to learn and grow. Some of the best side pressure I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. 12/10 would follow and train with Diego anywhere he’s rolling.

David Ryan Kniseley

I have waited for this day! So excited for this development in our city and our company.

Chris Caban

I’ve trained with Diego ever since I moved to Atlanta. I have picked up a lot of useful techniques from him (X GUARD, HALF GUARD, AND RIB PRESSURE). His extensive knowledge of Jiu Jitsu can be seen when he competes, referees, coaches, and teaches.

Rodney Wells

Diego is awesome. Beautiful techniques and Jiu-Jitsu.

Elijah Pizarro

Diego is by far one of the most technical coaches in the game, his passion for Jiujitsu and his ability to connect with students by far surpasses many other academies. This is the place to be!

Phillip Smith

Black belt

Diego is an amazing BJJ technician. I recommend him to anybody who wants to better their skills.

Douglas Studenic

Love this place! Great training partners, great instruction.

Sean Ewing

Diego saraiva is a true black belt and a great coach, training with coach Diego is amazing experience, I highly recommend he’s school !!! 

Rodrigo Silva


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